Shinhwa Changjo 4ever
Hi!! I´m Katherine from Peru South America.
I discovered a marvellous new world since 2010 through doramas... The first Kpop group SS501!! [I´m waiting 4 their comeback together T_T]
Then, I heard Super Girl - SUJU M... and I liked them till now!!! SUJU Rocks!!
The next k-group was Big Bang...why? Bcoz I heard they would be coming to my country...They have their own style, really... one of the kind!!!
Then, last year ... 2012.. I I heard an amazing song... Venus!!! Who sing it? ... U know who is back, baby? It´s the legendary .. Shinhwa!!! So I started seeing Shinhwa Broadcast [4 Shinee & SUJU firstly...], listening to their albums, seeing old Videos... and now...I consider myself a new SHCJ... I do adore them!!!
So, this girl is a MULTIFANDOM!!
Triple S, ELF, V.I.P, Shinhwa Changjo!!!
Love & kisses *3*
SHCJ more than a Fandom...a Grand Family

Are U a SHCJ?? Are U sure??? ¬¬

So, I suppose U must understand these Pics!!! Stuff that only SHCJ can understand!!! Try it!!! ^_^