Shinhwa Changjo 4ever
Hi!! I´m Katherine from Peru South America.
I discovered a marvellous new world since 2010 through doramas... The first Kpop group SS501!! [I´m waiting 4 their comeback together T_T]
Then, I heard Super Girl - SUJU M... and I liked them till now!!! SUJU Rocks!!
The next k-group was Big Bang...why? Bcoz I heard they would be coming to my country...They have their own style, really... one of the kind!!!
Then, last year ... 2012.. I I heard an amazing song... Venus!!! Who sing it? ... U know who is back, baby? It´s the legendary .. Shinhwa!!! So I started seeing Shinhwa Broadcast [4 Shinee & SUJU firstly...], listening to their albums, seeing old Videos... and now...I consider myself a new SHCJ... I do adore them!!!
So, this girl is a MULTIFANDOM!!
Triple S, ELF, V.I.P, Shinhwa Changjo!!!
Love & kisses *3*
SHCJ more than a Fandom...a Grand Family


[An Old Interview]

Q: Who gets scared the easiest?

Hyesung: We don’t get scared easily

Eric: Hyesung

Minwoo: Hyesung. He always get scared by pranks and jokes

Junjin: Hyesung. Eric and I always scare him. It’s true!

Q: Who cries the most during movies?

Hyesung: No one seems to cry…

Proyecto Shinhwa - MAMA 2013

This year … Shinhwa gave us a lot of work in All Votes ¿No? Well … this is not over; 
We’ve got the MAMA 2013 So we need to give our best in the last few days of voting ^ ^
Shinhwa isn’t the only one who worked hard [ we too ] it’s time to Celebrate ALL ! We take the opportunity to do it the day of the MAMA awards 2013, even our oranges win or not, for all of our efforts and celebrate the fact that we will always be together with them in good times and in bad, because that’s SHCJ : D
So we invite you all to participate in this orange project, that consisting of a series of photos in a video where will support shinhwa for their participation in the MAMA .

* Photo Requirements :

1. You .
Come on, show yourself! if you don’t wish … so you can see your eyes , try not to be shy , we’re beautiful Let’s show shinhwa ‘s face who always support them.
2 . A glass, bottle or both.
Whom should add a label with a LOGO »>

The bottle should be of a drink, which you prefer, beer , soda, juice. The idea is to note that this drinking something and giving in honor of the orange .
3 . Size and format of the photo.
Horizontal Photography.
JPG or JPEG format .
A larger than 800 x 600 , if you send us small or pixelated photos may not look right in the project.
All this work provide mini video editing . ^ ^

You have to do three photos equal ( just change the label with the logo). one if Shinhwa was announced as the winner of the categories in which they are nominee and other photos in case they don’t win anything [ or do not want to give them the prize ¬ ¬ ]
Therefore there will be three labels.
The THREE Photographs should be sent to the following email : with the following information :
[Till November, 18th]

* Subject: Project MAMA Shinhwa
* Body of email :
- Nationality
- Nickname (Optional )
- Twitter ( Optional)
- 3 Attachments.


They can be as creative as they like in the picture, if you want to make a creepy or 4D photo it would be better just like they do but please try to do it with high class, so yes, always showing themselves and revealing the beverage label . Avoid making complicated assemblies with photographs , not to make us work hard for us when arming the video .

If you have questions do not hesitate to make 

C´mon ShinMafia!!!


The Legend Continues: [Quiz] Shinhwa Trivia quiz - Minwoo



Sexy cool guy with an eye smile that is his charm, our Minwoo-ppa!

1. Which isn’t the name of a school that Minwoo went to?
1. Jeonju Fine Arts School 2. Daejeon Woosong College 3. Cheonan College

2. The name of the group that dancing king Minwoo created during his school days?
1. Face 2….